Additional Services

Once a family takes home their baby they will be learning how to care for their new infant and look forward to watching them grow. Some families will not need to access any further services whilst others might need assistance from some professionals or organisations. This may mean a few appointments with a consultant at the local hospital or it could be that through the consultant other health professionals are also involved in your child’s care.

There are several professionals or organisations that could assist with a baby and the family. The level of assistance that is required will be based on individual need and may be different depending on the circumstances.


Counselling and talking therapies can be a positive way of addressing unresolved issues and help to understand your problems better. It can help people to discuss problems honestly and openly and can help to deal with issues and have a more positive outlook on life. Many families that have had a traumatic birth experience or baby requiring additional assistance at birth have found counselling helpful to aid them in discussing this difficult time in their life. An individual can ask their GP to be referred to a counsellor; alternatively families can pay to access a counsellor. There are several counsellors that will provide services in your area, in addition, Bliss can put families in touch a qualified counsellor in your area for a maximum fee to access this service contact: 0500 618140 or visit Bliss  for further information.


Hospice support children and their families with the challenges that having a child with a life-limiting condition can often bring. Support can be provided in the family home, in the community or in a hospice setting and may include: day care, overnight breaks, extended family support, therapies (play, music, physio or occupational) as well as end of life care.

For additional information about Hospice services visit Together for Short Lives. Helpline number 0845 108 2201

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is provided by a healthcare professional that offers practical solutions to everyday problems. A consultant or GP may refer your baby to an occupational therapist who may teach you some useful exercises to help your child’s movements and aid in better mobility. They can provide advice on the best way to carry out daily tasks such as going to the toilet and getting dressed.


Physiotherapy may be provided to your baby or child to help prevent muscles weakening or becoming rigid. The physiotherapist will teach you and your child exercises that can be carried out each day to strengthen and stretch muscles.

Portage Services

Portage is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional support needs and their families. Families are usually visited in their home and offered practical and relevant support tailored to the individual child and family needs to help them to learn and play together and develop a quality of life which minimises the disabling barriers.

For additional information about portage services, visit Portage or phone 0121 244 1807

Speech and Language Therapy

As your child grows there may be a need for a speech and language therapist to help your child with the development of their speech. A therapist would assess your child’s needs and may provide exercises to aid in moving the lips and tongue in a certain way and practicing ways to produce certain sounds. If communication difficulties are severe then the therapist could teach an alternative method of communication such as sign language.