Millie’s Story

Millie’s Story

Millie was born on the 19th May 2010 by emergency caesarean due to complications unknown at present during labour. When Millie was born she suffered several neonatal seizures and had trouble starting to breath so was put on a ventilator which carried on for 36 hours in total before breathing for herself. In her notes she was described as floppy and white with no respiratory effort and her apgar level was 2.

Millie needed to be transferred to another hospital with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) facilities for her cooling treatment to be continued. Before Millie was taken away the transport team came to see me and my family to explain what their role was and to reassure us that Millie would be safe with them. This helped the situation as much as it could of done. They also brought Millie to me in the travel incubator before they left.

My family and I had never heard of cooling treatment before but we obviously wanted what was best for Millie. As Millie suffered a condition called perinatal asphyxia (lack of oxygen before birth) Millie needed the brain cooling treatment as this would help limit the amount of brain injury caused by perinatal asphyxia. We were told if a baby with perinatal asphyxia does survive there is a chance that the baby will be disabled, it could be severe or it could be very mild but some degree of disability occurs in about half of all babies born with it.

Millie was sent for an MRI scan which would then be checked , and after all the worry came back NORMAL.

Millie was in hospital for a total of 10 days, she spent 3 days in intensive care and 7 days in special care. For the first 2 days nothing really changed and it was a touch and go situation then after that day by day a piece of equipment came off. On day 3 we got to hold her for the first time briefly as she was still being cooled. The doctors and nurses were very surprised how well she was doing and developing so quickly but always made sure we understood she may have a set back so we didn’t get our hopes up to much. The only set back she had was with feeding, some days she would take the bottle other days they had to use the food tube.

When Millie went to special care it was great as we got to interact with her by changing and feeding her. Every day when we came to visit there would always be a doctor or nurse there willing to answer any questions we had, being reassured every day really helped us through it and I don’t think we could of coped as well as we did if we didn’t have the care both Millie and us received.

They gave her a thorough check before we left and made sure we had everything we needed and understood everything.

Since leaving the hospital Millie has had two follow up appointments at her birth Hospital and both have been very pleasing. MILLIE HAS NOW BEEN DISHARGED AT 8 MONTHS OLD AND HAS NO BODY OR BRAIN PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!!!

Millie is developing so well and has made up for all the lost feeding time and now has 3 meals a day as well as 4 bottles which she could hold for herself at 4 and a half months. Her latest trick is clapping which she has learnt at the music and movement group we attend.

We want to thank all the staff at the NICU unit for helping our daughter so much and for supporting us through it too.

Edward & Jessica and of course Millie x