Imaging quiz

The following images are from a 36 week gestation infant with a history of low Apgar scores, cord pH of 6.8, and severe hypotension.

Describe what you see on the images. You can type your answer in the box provided and then click the Show Answer button to check if you’re correct.

  1. This image demonstrates the measurement of Resistance Index. Is this value within the normal range?

  2. This is the MRI of a term infant on day 2. Please describe the findings.

  3. What does this MRI demonstrate?

  4. This is the MRI of a 6 day old term infant. What is your diagnosis?

  5. This is the T1 weighted image of a 7 day old term infant. What would you tell the parents?

  6. This is the T1-weighted MR image in an infant with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy aged 18 days. Describe what you see.